Forklift Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Forklift AGVs

Forklift AGVs are able to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, rolls, carts, containers, and many other transportable loads. Automated guided vehicles with forks are the most common type of AGVs because they are so versatile. The vehicle can also be manually driven off the Guidepath to pick up a load and then placed back on the Guidepath for automatic travel and delivery. Pick up and delivery can be performed at floor level or to stands, racks, and conveyors.

A variety of forklift AGV applications

Forklift automatic guided vehicle systems are the ideal solution for warehouse and distribution areas. Thanks to their versatility, forklift automated guided vehicles can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • moving loads from receiving to production / warehouse.
  • warehousing (narrow aisle, deep-lane stacking, block storage, racking).
  • buffer storage.
  • end-of-line handling.
  • picking from conveyors, palletizers, stretch wrappers.
  • trailer loading / unloading.
  • transport between production and warehouse.

Forklift AGV models

  • Narrow forklift AGV: lifting forks come over the support legs allowing the AGV to make shorter turns and to transport loads in narrow areas.
  • Straddle forklift AGV: support legs are outside the load to provide better support for heavier and taller loads like racks, pallets, and rolls and during higher lifting movements.
  • Reach forklift AGV: the mast moves forward and backward to pick or drop loads to store pallets and other loads in warehouse racks.
  • Counterbalance forklift AGV: AGV equipped with extra counterweight to handle heavy loads.
  • Side lifting forklift AGV: AGV equipped with sideways positioned forks to store loads in warehouse racks.
  • Dual fork forklift AGV: AGV equipped with two pairs of forks to handle two loads simultaneously.

Standard Features:

  • Off-the-shelf components.
  • Graphical touchscreen.
  • Manual and automatic vehicle dispatch.
  • Sick laser bumper safety system.
  • Electric steer/drive assembly.
  • Industrial lead-acid batteries.
  • PC onboard running Windows®.
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction with powder coat finish.
  • RF Ethernet (802.11).

Forklift AGV Photo Gallery

Egemin Trailer Loading Vehicle Egemin Long Straddle AGV Egemin Standard Straddle AGV Fleet Egemin Straddle Pantograph Reach Vehicle Egemin Fork AGV with Top Clamp Dual Load Outrigger Forklift Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

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