Custom Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Custom Automated Guided Vehicles

No two companies have identical needs. There will always be some amount of customization needed in order to create an automated guided vehicle system that truly fits your specifications and application. Egemin recognizes this and teams up with you to determine the exact vehicle type that will meet production needs. This sets Egemin far apart from the other AGV suppliers as the leading automated guided vehicle supplier in the world.

Egemin Automation cost-effectively offers custom vehicles because standardized control cabinets and off-the-shelf components are used on all vehicles. By standardizing, Egemin is able to considerably reduce engineering costs and you can be assured that your custom AGV will perform as you expect.

Special handling AGV examples

Whether it is a 25,000-pound roll of paper or a 35-pound tote, Egemin can develop a custom AGV for your material handling needs. Some examples of special handling AGV applications:

  • Transport of large airplane wings.
  • Handling of nuclear fuel in radioactive environments.
  • Transport of heavy transmission components on non-standard pallets.
  • Automatically loading newsprint rolls into printing presses.
  • Rotation of tobacco bins into feeders.

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