Warehousing & Distribution Systems

Warehouse and Distribution Concepts

Our automated warehouse and distribution concepts are based on the following concepts for intralogistics:

  • Full-in/Full-out automated storage
  • Compact picking
  • Zone picking
  • Integrated picking
  • Combined warehouse systems (AGVs or in-floor chain conveyors with automatic warehouses)

AS/RS System

Automated Storage

Automated storage & retrieval & AS/RS for high-throughput and compact bulk storage

Compact Picking System

Compact Picking

Compact picking for order picking on item level from automated warehouses

Zone Picking System

Zone Picking

Zone picking for order picking at high capacities in zones from a central transport system

Integrated Picking System

Integrated Picking

Integrated picking of pallets, totes, boxes and items with high precision and low distribution costs

AS/RS-AGV Hybrid System

Combined Solutions

Integration of various storage and transport systems for better rotation of materials in the warehouse

Automated Cold Storage System

Cold Storage

Freezer-rated AGVs, deep-freeze AS/RS, or integrated systems that can withstand the most extreme temperatures

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